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8-10 October 2024

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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For the first time ever, the Global Forum on TB Vaccines will be hosted in the Americas. Join us from 8-10 October 2024 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

As a champion for global health and a leader in global health research and biomedical manufacturing, and also a country with a high TB burden, Brazil plays a pivotal role in the global TB response and is a valuable contributor to innovation, research, and knowledge sharing.

The Global Forum on TB Vaccines is the world’s largest gathering of stakeholders striving to develop new vaccines to prevent TB. It provides a unique opportunity to review the state of the field, share the latest research and findings, and identify new and innovative approaches to TB vaccine R&D, with the end goal of developing and deploying new TB vaccines as quickly as possible.

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Read the official announcement to learn more

Watch the video statement from Dr. Ethel Maciel, Secretary of Health Surveillance and Environment, Ministry of Health, Brazil

The main goals of the Global Forum are to

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Review progress and share the latest research

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Identify and promote innovative and transformative approaches to TB vaccine R&D

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Encourage partnerships and collaboration to accelerate TB vaccine R&D

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Increase global recognition of the critical role vaccines will play in efforts to end TB

An international convening of the

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