Social Media

The Virtual Global Forum on TB Vaccines welcomes social media activity from all participants. Before posting or disseminating information on any social media platform, please read the following guidelines, which have been put forth to maintain a welcoming and supportive environment for sharing research and information.

Thank you in advance for following these basic guidelines for online posts of all kinds. We look forward to an exciting event and collectively advancing progress for TB vaccines.


  • Speakers may present novel research that is not yet published. Please honor any speaker’s request to refrain from sharing unpublished data or other information from presentations on any social media platform.
  • Photographing, staking screenshots, or video or audio recording presentations is not permitted. Presentation slides will be made publicly available online at the end of the event, where permission has been granted by the presenter.
  • The Global Forum on TB Vaccines aims to foster collaboration, constructive debate, partnerships and new ideas – on social media and beyond. Inappropriate language or personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  • Please consider following us on Twitter @GlobForumTBVax and using these hashtags in your tweets and retweets, such as #VGFTB, #GlobalForumTBVaccines, #TBVax, #VaccinesWork, #EndTB.


  • The Global Forum on TB Vaccines encourages sharing ideas and information via social media, to help us disseminate information beyond the Global Forum. Therefore, talks will be considered “bloggable” or “tweetable” unless you explicitly request that information not be shared on social media or other platforms.
  • If you will be presenting information that you do not wish to be shared via social media or other public platforms, please take the following steps:
  1. Announce at the beginning of your presentation that you do not wish to have the information presented shared via social media, blogging, or other online platforms.
  2. Include a “no twitter” icon on any slides that contain information that you do not wish to be shared via twitter, blogging, or other online or social media. You are encouraged to do this even if you make an announcement at the beginning of your talk, as some participants may arrive late.
  • The Global Forum organizers strongly encourage compliance with these guidelines and all speaker requests regarding social media sharing, but cannot guarantee it.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact us prior to posting to social media.