The Global Forum on TB Vaccines is an important opportunity for the diverse range of stakeholders involved in TB vaccine research and development (R&D) to come together, to share their research and findings, to promote innovation in TB vaccine R&D, and to foster partnerships and collaborations. The organizers remain committed to providing this opportunity to the TB vaccine R&D community, to continue to build on the momentum and progress in the field since we last gathered in New Delhi in 2018 and to share important knowledge gained through COVID-related R&D.

However, the health and safety of participants is our top priority. We also recognize that many of our speakers and delegates may need to remain in their home countries to continue important research, and that international travel and large gatherings will remain a concern for the foreseeable future. Therefore, after careful consideration of this ongoing situation and balancing the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic and the importance of bringing together the TB vaccine R&D community, the Co-Chairs and Organizing Partners have decided to postpone the 6th Global Forum on TB Vaccines in Toulouse, France to 22 - 24 February 2022 and convene a Virtual Global Forum on TB Vaccines from 20 - 22 April 2021. Although this change was necessitated by the challenges of COVID-19, we welcome the opportunity that this virtual format will provide to engage and expand participation in the Global Forum. We hope that you will join us for both events.

In closing, the Organizing Partners of the Virtual and 6th Global Forums on TB Vaccines offer our gratitude and support to all those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, and our thoughts are with those who have been impacted by it. We also thank the many researchers and institutions around the globe - many of which are our partners - that are working around the clock to develop tests, treatments, and vaccines. Through cooperation and collaboration, the world is rising to the challenge presented by this pandemic.

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