Visa Information

Type of Visa

All non-Indian passport holders need an Indian visa to travel to India, with the exception of nationals of Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives and those with a valid OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card.

If you are traveling to India specifically to attend the 5th Global Forum on Vaccines, you should apply for a Conference Visa. A Conference Visa allows for tourism, but a Tourist Visa does not allow for participation in a conference.

There is no “visa on arrival” or “e-visa” for Conference Visas. The Conference Visa must be applied for well in advance of travel. Conference Visas are generally valid for three months, but may be granted for shorter or longer timeframes at the discretion of the Embassy or Mission. Please note that the validity of a Conference Visa begins on the day it is issued, not the day of travel. The date of entry into India does not affect the period of validity of a visa.

Participants are encouraged to apply for their visa as soon as possible.

Participants from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, and persons of Pakistani origin should apply no later than 3 months before the Forum, as there are additional processes involved. If you are coming from one of these countries, please contact the conference organizers as soon as possible to discuss your visa application.

It is your responsibility to submit a complete application with sufficient time for processing. No refunds will be provided for failure to obtain a visa due to a late, incomplete or incorrect application.

Preparing the Visa Application

Visa application processes and requirements may vary by country or by nationality of the applicant. Please refer to the website of the nearest Indian Embassy or Mission in your country for specific instructions on how to apply for a visa. 

It is the participant’s responsibility to check the website of the local Embassy to confirm the documentation required and the processes to follow when applying for a visa.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs provides a list of Indian Missions by country.

In many countries, Indian visa processing is outsourced to an authorized agency. For example, the Indian Embassy in the USA has outsourced the visa collection and delivery processing to Cox & Kings Global Services, in several other countries it is outsourced to VFS Global. Refer to the Embassy or High Commission website for information on authorized outsourcing agencies and follow the instructions provided by the agency to complete your application.

Requesting Documents from the Conference Organizers

After completing the conference registration, contact the conference organizers at to request a letter of invitation.  Please advise the conference organizers if you require any additional documentation to support your application, such as government clearances.

Letters of invitation will only be provided to participants who have registered and fully paid their registration fees.

The letter of invitation is only for facilitating your visa; it should not be considered as an invitation covering fees or any expenses, nor is it a guarantee that the visa will be granted.

Accompanying Persons/Guests

Accompanying persons (either registered as an Accompanying Guest or not registered) should apply for a Tourist Visa. Accompanying persons from eligible countries may be able to apply for the e-visa at the website Please refer to this website for information on eligibility and instructions on how to apply. This option is not available for a Conference Visa.

If you are accompanied by a spouse, family member, or other person who is registered as a conference participant, that person must also apply for a Conference Visa.

Updated January 2018