About the Forum

About the Global Forum on TB Vaccines

The Global Forum on TB Vaccines addresses the full spectrum of issues relevant to TB vaccine research and development (R&D), from basic research to clinical trials, manufacturing, regulatory, access, and advocacy. The Global Forum provides a unique opportunity to review the state of the field, highlight the importance of new vaccines to reaching global milestones to eliminate TB, share the latest research findings, and identify new and innovative approaches to TB vaccine R&D, with the end goal of developing and deploying new TB vaccines as quickly as possible.

Goals of the Global Forum

The Global Forum brings together stakeholders from across the spectrum of TB vaccine R&D to share data, findings, concepts, and new approaches to R&D, and promote a global dialogue on the path forward for this critical research. The main goals of the Forum are to:

  • Review progress and share the latest research and data
  • Identify and promote innovative and transformative approaches to TB vaccine R&D
  • Encourage partnerships and collaboration to accelerate TB vaccine R&D
  • Increase global recognition of the critical role vaccines will play in global efforts to end TB

Forum History


The 4th Global Forum on TB Vaccines was convened in Shanghai, China in April 2015, bringing together nearly 300 participants from 33 countries. The program included a full range of topics, including the progress of clinical candidates; research on immunopathogenesis, biomarkers and correlates; new approaches to animal models; novel clinical trial designs and strategies; and strategies to diversity the pipeline of TB vaccines under development. Participants also discussed the importance of international collaboration in both research and advocacy.

Click here to read the supplement to Tuberculosis about the 4th Global Forum.




The 3rd Global Forum, held in Cape Town South Africa in March 2013, had 265 participants from 25 countries. Topics ranged from early stage research into biomarkers and correlates of protection, to late-stage clinical trials and issues around access to new TB vaccines. The 3rd Global Forum also served as an opportunity to review progress against the Blueprint for TB Vaccine Development, published in 2012, and to identify key activities and new partnerships and collaborations that would help advance the critical areas outlined in the Blueprint.



During the 2nd Global Forum, held in Tallinn, Estonia in September 2010, progress in the TB vaccine field over the last decade was reviewed and the global agenda and timelines for introducing improved TB vaccines into practice were re-framed. Moving forward toward a common agenda, attendees identified priorities for the next decade, which are compiled in a revised Blueprint for TB Vaccine Development that was published in a special supplement to Tuberculosis in March 2012. The Forum convened 200 delegates from 30 countries.



Global Forum on TB Vaccines

The Global Forum on TB Vaccines was convened for the first time in 2001 in Geneva, Switzerland by the World Health Organization. The conclusion of the First Global Forum was that the driving force for identifying improved vaccines for tuberculosis over the next ten years would be moving investigational TB vaccines into human clinical trials. A summary of the First Global Forum including highlights and recommendations on the critical issues in TB vaccine development at the time was published in Tuberculosis.